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Every Friday in AugustOur Blues Jam is back! : St Harmonica's August Blues Jams at our home at the Southgate Club. We are going back to free admission for all to these events, with donations into the hat to cover costs. The House Band will play at 8.30pm followed by carefully put together combination of the musicians, vocalists and players, who turn up on the night. Anything could happen and it usually does but under the watchful eye of Terry and Vera Duggan you can be sure it will be the highest quality.

Sign in on arrival, ideally before 8.30pm, with name and preferred instrument. We'll supply the drums, keyboard, amps, and PA. as well as DI boxes for the odd acoustic instrument. We will sanitize microphones between performances but singers, you may prefer to bring your own mic.

Queensbury Jamming Rules apply:

- the singer calls the tune, decides the key, and dishes out the solos;
- players: please unpack your instrument, tune up and have everything ready before it's your turn to play;
- solos are generally 2 verses long, unless the singer decides otherwise;
- sets are 3 songs (unless we're running out of time, or your songs are 10 mins long);
- if you aren't a drummer or keyboard player, bring your own instrument. Drummers, do bring your own sticks! 

2020 memberships will remain valid for 2021.


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